I feel a little embarrassed that the last blog I published was my year in review for 2022. That’s a whole year without any new content on my website, which, for a communications professional, isn’t a good look. But the truth is that blog content on my website hasn’t been a priority for me; I’ve been dedicating my limited work time to producing the best copy I can for my amazing clients.

And this year I have worked with some AMAZING clients. I continued to work with Camp Quality, RSL Queensland and Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation. I also welcomed onboard (with wide open arms) Guide Dogs Queensland, Wesley Research Institute, and Anglicans In Development.

I really do thrive on working for organisations that make such a real difference in the world; they provide the sense of fulfilment that I was hoping to get from working with charities.

Here’s how 2023 looked in numbers:

Donation appeal campaigns

Annual reports

Project book

Content articles/blogs

Magazine articles


Content style guide

Communications plans



Content management strategy


Case study

Website review

While I’m not great at publishing blogs on my website (it’s on my list to try harder next year!), I always enjoy these ‘year in review’ posts, because they enable me to take a moment to reflect on the actual amount of work I have done this year. I’m always amazed at both the numbers above and the calibre of clients I’m privileged to work with.

Speaking of privilege, I have been humbled to be able to provide my services on a voluntary basis again this year to Zephyr Education. Zephyr is quite an amazing charity – they provide school supplies, uniforms, bags, equipment and even laptops, to children who are escaping domestic violence and need support to return to school. Some of these kids left their homes without anything, and going back to school, or more often starting at a new school, can feel really overwhelming, especially without the right gear. Zephyr makes sure they have everything they need, brand new, so they can feel a sense of pride and even excitement as they get back into their education.

Zephyr is run completely by volunteers, with very minimal operating costs. It is to heart-warming to be part of this organisation that is making a real, tangible difference to kids who are going through challenging times in their young lives. I am always hopeful that the education we are helping them return to will change their lives for the better.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed a year of challenging growth this year. I trained for and completed my first half-marathon! It took a lot of physical and mental (and emotional, to be honest) energy, but I ran 21kms non-stop. This has been a goal of mine for a few years, and I’m so proud to have ticked that one off. 

This year, I also supported my son through a challenging start to school, and my husband as he took on new challenges in his career. And I was delighted to watch my daughter’s personality really start to shine through as she grows. I’ve appreciated being there to support them all; an opportunity I believe I have because of the amazing business I have created.

I’m looking forward to 2024 and the experiences it will bring. But first, I need a break 😊